Swag Prototypes!!

To start, I’d LOVE to show you some of our new prototypes for swag that will soon be available! That’s right  – you could have your very own official Campin’ Chix Hat, T-Shirt, Bumper Sticker, Gear Patch and so on! We have so many awesome ideas that we want to get accomplished, and the more help from our loyal friends, family and fans, the quicker we can get it all accomplished!

It’s all about spreading the word to get out, go camping and explore! As our motto promotes: leave behind your vanity in search of your sanity.

Here are 2 photos, 1 of me wearing our prototypes…                                                                            (no laughing at me… just kidding & laugh on!)

Small Logo Shirt, and Hat


Anyways, we are super excited, and if you’re feeling awesome and loving, help us spread the word! Share our blog with your friends, family, creepy neighbor, mailman – whomever! You can also share or follow our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/campinchix) or follow me on instagram @campinchix for LOTS more fun photos and adventure!

Lots of love from the Chix!

Campin’ Chix  – “leaving behind vanity in search of our sanity”


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