Up, Up & Away!

Most of us all have a bucket list – whether it’s an actual written list, a mental list or a bucket with random items written in a row – we all have ideas of things we want to do in our lifetime. This last weekend I got to cross another fun one off my list – Hot Air Ballooning!IMG_20160725_063233413

I got a taste of it at the young, ripe age of 11 – and ever since, I’ve wanted to go back up and actually get to enjoy the champagne they serve. What’s better than some good bubbly, hundreds of feet off the ground!? And all while watching the beautiful sunrise at 5:30 AM. It was a most pleasant, serene morning activity that I got to share with my mother dearest. (Did I mention this was a birthday present from 2 years ago? Luckily if you hand me endless amount of champagne, I forget time easily!) Have I also mentioned that I am NOT a morning person?? And yet I would still get up at the ass-crack of dawn to do it again.

As we drove over to the meeting spot, it was as dark as night outside… cause well, it was still almost night time. Did you know there was a FOUR AM in the morning!? I though it was like Bigfoot – believed but not factual.

Needless to say, the trip was a blast! Our pilot, Chris, was a hoot and the champagne made you feel that much more “floaty” as you drifted aimlessly in the sky for an hour. I have to give balloon pilots a lot of props after learning from Chris about what it takes to fly, own and maintain one of those massive balloon beasts! (They’re like $300k to purchase! And they’re made in Spain!) Also, how every inch of the pilot’s arm hair isn’t singed off by now will always be a mystery! (because he’s constantly under the flame propelling thrower that “inflates” the balloon and all… Hence the name “hot air” balloon…) Just being near the bustling flame as it burst up into the balloon atmosphere made me shut up about the mere 100 degree weather we were living in that weekend. Temecula is HOT in the summer! Guess that’s how they get you to visit all their vineyards and drink lots of wine – hot weather brainwash!

If going up in a hot air balloon isn’t on your list – it should be! And if it IS, then I highly recommend Sunrise Balloons and you can usually get a deal through Groupon. And if you can choose your pilot, which you normally cannot – still ask for Chris! Now go outside and stop looking at your phone/computer/tablet!

[Over and Out. Campin’ Chix -W]


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