Forever Young… and Friends!

If you’ve read the “About Us” section on our blog, you know this blog was all started by two best friends who’ve been camping together since childhood. We’ve actually been friends our entire lives. We were forced into it initially by our mothers, and later as we evolved into our own, so did our friendship. It’s a beautiful thing ::queue corny music:: (which you can find at the bottom of the post, hehe!).

Knowing someone your entire life and evolving with them can be quite fun and competitive – as we were always comparing who was taller, who was skinnier, who had bigger boobs… you know, really important things when you’re 12. As “adults” we laugh about these things, but one thing we’ve always been blessed with, other than our awesomely, amazing, fantastic, open and loving friendship – is that we continue to look like we’re still 12. Bless the genes (not jeans) we were given!

Recently we took a new photo resembling the one that we posted on our “About Us” page – the inspirational image to our blog… and here it is:

Now it’s your turn to guess the age gap! How many years has it been since the top photo was taken?? I want your comments people! 

us now and then

And for your musical enjoyment while you contemplate this ever important question…

We’ve made it more than 2 decades already – cheers to all life long friends out there, this post is for you! 

-Campin’ Chix [W]


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