Solar [Lantern] Light Party!

Product review time! 

Product – “Luci Inflatable Solar Light” made by MPOWERD

My thoughts: AWESOME!

I have 2 actually – one of the “Luci Lux”and one of the “Luci Color” lanterns. They are really quite a simple yet ingenious idea. They have so many uses! Although mine were purchased with the intention of using them when camping, I have already found myself using the color one at home for a fun, low light accent when I’m feeling like I want to have a 1 man party! Or when I just want that sexy ambiance… (wink).

The lanterns flatten down to the size of thick, hearty pancake for storage – and inflate with one good blow. They take a couple hours to charge via a solar panel on the bottom of the lantern – which is super easy especially if you’re camping! The light lasts about six hours, which so far has been plenty of time when I’ve needed it. I keep one in my home and one with the camping gear. They are excellent sources of emergency light! AND you don’t have to worry about pesky batteries, which always seem to be missing or dead when you need them! Like when your printer runs out of ink the night before your paper is due… [Murphy’s Law!]

luci lightThis is what the solar panel on the bottom looks like..The whole product is ridiculously easy to use! And it’s just plain fun!

Would I recommend this item? ABSOLUTELY!

Thanks for making an awesome product you peeps over at MPOWERD! You rock!


– Campin’ Chix [W]



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