Light, Bluetooth & Speaker, Oh My!

For those who like to bring cool gadgets with them when they’re camping, hiking, or just out for the day – I found a very nifty new toy. It’s wireless and chargeable, has color changing lights and a built in bluetooth speaker! You can play music, make calls, or just use it as a light source for your dance party. It’s a fun multi-tasker, that I actually originally bought to use in my bedroom, but soon came to the brilliant conclusion that it would work wonders in the middle of the forest as a lantern!

This particular one even came with a micro-SD card so you can add music directly to the memory card, so you don’t need your phone. Or you can just connect it up to your telefono or other music device and play your tunes that way. It also have an AUX jack and cord provided and a mirco-USB connector for charging.

The coolest part is that when you turn on the light, it has multiple settings, and to change them, you just TAP the TOP. Makes me feel so very powerful. It has dim, normal and bright white options, then transitions into Green, Blue or Red. OR it will do an auto cycle through the colors if you like the party effect!

There are a lot of these devices out there in the ether to purchased. I got this Bluetooth Speaker Light  on Amazon for $20. I highly recommend it. Even if it’s just for that special night where you want some groovy-sexy tunes and mood lighting ::wink-wink::

[Campin Chix W]


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