Ready, Set… HIKE!

Location: Eaton Canyon – Pasadena, CA. 

This past weekend we went hiking at a newer spot for us – Eaton Canyon Trail. It’s out near south Pasadena, and it was delightful. It’s an easy hike, just under 4 miles, that ends at a waterfall. Sadly due to the drought, there isn’t much water falling. None the less, the hike was very nice. The only tough parts were the sun and a lot of climbing over rocks/boulders. So if those two “obstacles” don’t bother you – I definitely recommend taking a drive out there.

There are so many awesome spots still left to check out just within the Los Angeles Dept of Parks and Rec! So anyone who isn’t thrilled living in LA – I say go hike! You’ll forget you’re living in the land of traffic.

Second best part is getting to spend time in the adorable suburbs where we stopped at a few great Mom & Pop shops – one of them of course to get ice cream! You gotta try Mother Moo Creamery. They have really good, fresh ice cream in a variety of odd flavors. It was awesome! I had Brown Sugar & Oatmeal and it was like eating breakfast. I wish I COULD eat that for breakfast everyday!

The other spot you HAVE to stop at (if you like Tea) is T-Neer – they have a wide variety of loose leaf teas for great prices! It’s a family run business (Mom, Dad and Daughter!) – and the tea comes from their home land in Sri Lanka. I got a couple ounces of their Orange Oolong tea, and it’s soooo good. You can also just sit and enjoy a cup of tea while you’re there along with a snack. Like I said, highly recommend this place!

Sometimes the best days are the lazy ones when you get to take a nice hike with your friends, then cool off with some ice cream. A delightful way to spend a Saturday!

Let us know your thoughts! Or you if you have any trails or ice cream shops you think WE need to try!



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