Murphy’s Road (Pacific Palisades)

◘ Murphy’s Road Trails – Santa Monica mountains, located in the Pacific Palisades, just above Sunset Blvd.

◘ Easy Hike – choose between a paved road or various dirt trail paths

◘ Parking – Before you walk down “1599 Casale Road” – you have to try to find parking in the local neighborhood. Then walk down a winding road till you see a sign that says “Hiking Trails” – then follow the dirt road till it looks like you’re trespassing.

◘ Chix Chatter Hike Thoughts – This was a fun place to explore and I definitely want to go back. It’s a 10 minute drive from where I am, so that was “uber” convenient (parking sucks- Uber wouldn’t be a bad idea!). There are multiple trails available here and you can choose between wanting to walk the paved road, or the few actual dirt trails that take you down into the hills.

They don’t make this place overly inviting, but it is nestled right in the middle of a nice neighborhood. Once you park, you have to walk about .25 miles before you get to anything. Then your real choices come in – if you wish to take a really steep trail of stairs down (remember you have to walk back up them!) – there is a trail head on the left before you hit the yellow guarded “entrance.” Look for steep stairs made out of giant planks of wood. Nothing is labeled here. This “stair trail” had good amounts of shade – but you have to be ok with heights, narrow walk-ways, steep tiny stairs and beautiful views. (Photos below)

If you want to walk to the old “Boy Scouts Road” – just keep walking up the paved road. Big yellow road barriers make it look like you’re not welcome, but it’s really there to stop car traffic, not friendly hikers/walkers. Dogs are allowed on leash I believe.

If you want a more of a traditional trail, you have to follow the paved road about 3/4 mile and then you’ll see (on the left again) what looks like it should be a trail head -but again, it’s not marked. You’ll know it by the two poles that look like they start a walkway. This is a narrow up & down dirt trail, much like one you’d find on most hikes. This trail does have some shady spots which is nice on 85 degree days like this one. The paved road route has almost ZERO SHADE… that’s the trade off for it being super easy  but takes you to a really cool abandoned building, that is Nazi historical. (That is for a day when it’s less hot)

As you can see, there is of course wildlife. Cute birdies, lizards, bugs, bees – but I didn’t encounter anything that looked like it would eat me. The views are awesome – great scenic view of Pacific Palisades, the ocean, and rich people’s back yards!  It was not heavily trafficked which is really one of the best parts. In fact I saw no one else on the dirt trails – only people walking the road.

GO HERE! You can make your hike anywhere from about 1 mile to 7 miles depending on your route. Good views, fun trails, low traffic and abandoned historical buildings at the end!

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