Sanity Refill – Magic of the Holidays

The REAL Magic of the Holidays is not where you’d think…

I know most people say that the magic of [traveling for] the holidays is simply being with your family – or those whom you’d rather call your family and loved ones. However, there is a certain amount of magic spending the holidays alone. I’m not talking hermit style- shut in, never getting out of bed and not showering (cause that’s gross UNLESS you’re camping)… I’m referring to taking a mind clearing, go anywhere adventure – alone.

Doing what makes you happy and what you love is more important [to me & my sanity] than being coerced into a family gathering where no one is actually  as happy as the fake smile on their faces.  You say you’re happy to just spend time with each other and tell one another you love them – but why should it take a holiday for that!? My parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, etc.. should all want to tell me these things, ANY day of the year. I’ll gladly call you up on Monday, March 6th 2017 and tell you how special you are… the date has no relevance to anything other than it comes after March 5th – nor should a day dictate when I say I love my family.  I certainly don’t have any special attachment to hearing it on Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, New Years, or any other hallmark holiday.

This December 24th-25th (yes, Christmas Eve to X-Mas Day … & Hanukkah) I decided MY party was going to be in my car, at the beach, at a campground, away from anyone I already knew, alone. Cruising around the campground on my skateboard saying “Happy Holidays” (in my floppy blue elf hat) to the families camping beside me was so much more fulfilling than sitting in a room at my childhood home, pretending that was where I wanted to be. It’s probably also why all our family gatherings has a near constant flow of alcohol… it’s Happy Juice! AND makes Happy JEWS. 😀

My SOHO (Solo-Holiday) Camping trip was ever so wonderful. I had no agenda, no schedule and no one I was forced to say anything to. I could have gone mute for the  two days if I had wanted. I got to sit in complete peace and serenity while watching the sun set over the waves crashing in the pacific ocean. Birds were flying & chirping, and the wind was blowing, reminding me it was winter.  I got to walk and hike around where and when I wanted, at my own pace, taking all the ridiculous selfies I wanted to! I saw wetlands, tar-pit remains, creatures, beautiful views and true smiles. It was a true gift to myself –a peace and sanity refill.  

As the Campin’ Chix slogan/motto goes – “LEAVING BEHIND VANITY IN SEARCH OF OUR SANITY”      I need to live by my own motto more often. Maybe you should try it too?

Happy any day of the year! Love yourself! Love your loved ones. Remind them often. And make sure to find time to do what makes YOU HAPPY.   — [Campin’ Chix W]

(all photos from this trip belong to the Campin’ Chix and were taken along the PCH and in Carpinteria, CA)




One thought on “Sanity Refill – Magic of the Holidays

  1. Nancy

    What a beautiful locale to go “walking in a (not-so) Winter Wonderland”. The peace and serenity are the real holiday, and everything combined is your present. I see a new tradition in the making – one that you’re sure to look forward to continuing and a healthy way to get ready to greet the new year.


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