About Campin’ Chix


After an impromptu camping trip, we (Alexis and Wendy) were inspired to start our blog from here. We’ve been best friends since birth and camping together since childhood. Sharing our experiences – the goods and the bads – just seemed like a fitting idea. As avid campers ourselves, it’s not always easy to tell what campgrounds are really worth trying and which ones are not.

We’d like to help inform any and all who are interested in some of the most fun, beautiful and relaxing places to visit if you’re feeling up to some time in the great outdoors. In fact, we encourage it! Leave your electronics behind -let your mind relax and your body breathe in some fresher air!

Welcome to our blog!

Check out our Campsite Reviews!

Wendy & Alexis 


2 thoughts on “About Campin’ Chix

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